About Global Lighting Project

We are on a journey to bring life, happiness, and comfort in the lives of underprivileged communities of the society by providing sustainable LED Lighting source which can give the privilege to get the supply of light, bacteria free water and also effective methods of growing vegetation. The absence of light affects the life and livelihood of the people who need to spend their lives in the dark. Lack of dependable source of light hampers education, business and even running daily household activities.

The team of GLOBAL LIGHTING PROJECT is making the best possible effort to provide lighting supply to the society which is in extreme need of it. We experienced the issues, problems, and pains of this needy society and that what sparked our interest to do something fruitful to make life a better one for them. At present we are serving the underprivileged communities belonging to India, East China, Africa, and the USA. In coming time we will spread our wings further to provide services to many other nations of this world who need us and our support. The effort we are making and the journey we are on will never be a success until we get the support from you. We want you to join us on this journey and make you share of contribution to bring the light of hope and smile in the lives of the deprived people like a "Genie with the lamp".



What we do

We changed many people lives

The advances in science and technology over the past couple of centuries have contributed significantly towards making our lives simple and comfortable. Electricity is one of these countless inventions, which has today become an integral part of our living. In fact, most of us fail to imagine life without this essential commodity. Therefore the fact that there are still millions of people, who still live a life completely devoid of this basic facility, often comes as a surprise. We at Global Lighting Project, work towards reducing the number of such people by providing lighting solution to them.

We are a charitable organization dedicated to the cause of removing darkness from the lives of people. In keeping with this objective we work extensively in the rural regions of India and Africa, although our charitable works are also carried out in East China and USA. We provide solar lighting solutions to people who still have no access to electricity. In addition, to distributing solar-powered flashlights to replace kerosene lamps we also work with Ledpac for distribution of various LED products in India and Africa.

As a part of our efforts to enlighten the lives of people in the remotest parts of India, we invest in different programs to fulfill diverse needs. Our aim is to improve the living standards of children as well as adults by providing them with appropriate, healthy and clean lighting solutions. We organize individual solar-light distributions and our LED products not only help to light up the remote areas but also improve vegetation and water purification. We are well aware of the difficulties of that people face due to lack of proper lighting and make our best efforts to resolve this problem effectively.

Being a charitable organization, we often face shortage of funds to fulfill our goals. For this we organize a wide range of programs as well as group-wide fundraisers. These fund-raisers are organized across, grade-schools, universities and even corporate projects. However, given the magnanimity of this problem and the expenses of providing adequate lighting solutions the funds we receive through such programs are never enough. As such we adapt an open approach to voluntary contributions and donations to our cause. We assure our donors that every single penny they donate for the cause will be put to good use.

We appeal you all to join us in this effort of making a difference by lightening up the lives of people who have been living in dark for too long.