About Global Lighting Project

We are on a journey to bring life, happiness, and comfort in the lives of underprivileged communities of the society by providing sustainable LED Lighting source which can give the privilege to get the supply of light, bacteria free water and also effective methods of growing vegetation. The absence of light affects the life and livelihood of the people who need to spend their lives in the dark. Lack of dependable source of light hampers education, business and even running daily household activities.

The team of GLOBAL LIGHTING PROJECT is making the best possible effort to provide lighting supply to the society which is in extreme need of it. We experienced the issues, problems, and pains of this needy society and that what sparked our interest to do something fruitful to make life a better one for them. At present we are serving the underprivileged communities belonging to India, East China, Africa, and the USA. In coming time we will spread our wings further to provide services to many other nations of this world who need us and our support. The effort we are making and the journey we are on will never be a success until we get the support from you. We want you to join us on this journey and make you share of contribution to bring the light of hope and smile in the lives of the deprived people like a "Genie with the lamp".