The Solution

The Global Lighting Project Provides the GL8, a Drop-kick Solid State Quality Source of LED Light that will Continue to Function for up to a decade or longer and work despite adverse conditions.

This small wearable light requires no electricity and no fuel. It's a solar rechargeable LED lantern, flashlight and emergency indicator all in one.

It will replace unreliable matches, Kerosene lamps and candles that are dangerous and unhealthy.

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GL8 Front view with flashlight mode, sizing in relation to typical votive candle.


Premium Quality LED, 20 Year Life.

Wearable Flashlight and Lantern.

Universal Emergency Flasher.

Solar Rechargeable with Indicator

Lithium Battery

Smart Chip System

Waterproof Casing with Kickstand

Rigid Lasting Design



GL8 Front view with optically Controlled LED Flashlight feature for maximum output.

Uses For GL8


Safety Light.

SOS Flasher.

Auto Repair.

Night Bicycling.

Night Sports.

Camping & Hiking.

Wild Animal Deterrent.

Cave Exploration.

College Campus Safety.


GL8 Back view Showing Solar Cell with red LED Charging indicator


GL8 Front View using high intensity LED Lantern Feature with kickstand.

Lighting Provides education, home based business activities, simple pasks like cleaning, bathing and cooking for people seeking a hopeful future.


GL8 Back view showing Solar Charging Cell

Light Up a Life!

Make a Purchase or donation to the Global Lighting Project and receive your GL8 LED Lighting Package. We match your contribution to people who are in need of light.